Sunday 15 February 2015

Bible Book:

“From the cloud there came a voice, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!’” (v. 7)

Mark 9:2-13 Sunday 15 February 2015

Psalm: Psalm 2


In his presentation of the story of Jesus Christ, the Son of God(see Mark 1:1), Mark's story comes in two halves.There's the call of the disciples in Galilee, and the preaching andteaching and miracles. But then in Mark8:27 - 9:1 the mood changes. Jesus asks his disciples to maketheir mind up about who he is. He tells them he is going to suffer.And if they want to follow him, they must expect to suffer too.

Later that week, Jesus takes Peter, James and John up the Mountof Transfiguration. It is here that they see him literally in a newlight (verse 3), in this vision of his meeting with Elijah andMoses in a dazzling cloud (verse 4). This story is so crammed withOld Testament imagery that we could spend at least a couple of dayslooking at related passages!

We are reminded of Mount Sinai, of the Law (Moses) and theProphets (Elijah). There is a "theophany" - supernatural eventssurrounding a sense of the presence of God, as a cloud descends. InExodus 34:29-35 Moses' face shone as heencountered God. The day of the Messiah will be accompanied by ahost of people and angels dressed in white. The booths commemoratethe wanderings of the people of God in tents around the wildernessbefore they enter the Promised Land. The disciples will also haveremembered the Baptism of Jesus at the beginning of his ministry(Mark 1:11).

Whatever they saw, one thing is clear: they could never seeJesus simply as a good teacher, or merely a prophet, or 'just' amiracle-worker. Here was God revealing an intimate relationshipwith Jesus. And the event is so special that Peter wants to help itto last as long as possible. But Jesus commands them to come downfrom the mountain and to keep things quiet for now - 'Elijah', thatis John the Baptist had already been beheaded (Mark6:14-16).

To Ponder

  • If someone were to ask you, "Who do you say Jesus is?" whatwould you tell them?
  • What do you think the cost of discipleship is for Christianstoday?
  • Have you seen Jesus 'in a new light' recently? How?
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