Sunday 28 January 2024

Bible Book:

They were astounded at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. (v. 22)

Mark 1:21-28 Sunday 28 January 2024

Psalm 111


Having called his first disciples (Mark 1:16-19), Jesus now moves on to Capernaum, a fishing village on the northern shore of Lake Galilee, with his new followers. When the Sabbath came, Jesus and his disciples attended the synagogue which was normal for devout Jews.  It is here that Jesus begins to teach for the first time and he immediately has an impact upon those who hear him. We are told twice (verses 22 and 27) of the amazement of the people at the authority that Jesus teaches with, compared to the scribes and teachers of the law. 

We will all have experienced hearing someone new teaching us. It is often the way, that when we hear someone teach or preach for the first time, that it makes us sit up and take note.  Maybe it is their style or maybe hearing something from a different voice makes us pay more attention.

Maybe it was the fact that Jesus was a new voice that made people sit up, listen and take note. Or maybe they listened because they not only heard Jesus’ words but saw his actions as well. 

As he taught, a man began to heckle Jesus due to an ‘impure spirit’. Jesus rebuked the man and banished the spirit which amazed the people and confirmed the authority that he spoke with. When we see someone act in a way that is in keeping with their words it often adds weight to what they say. We use phrases to describe someone such as ‘you can take them at their word’ or they are ‘a person who is true to their word’. We do it because we want to express that the person will act in a way that is in line with what they say. Jesus is a man of his word, not only teaching the good news but acting in accordance with the good news as well.


To Ponder: 

  • Can you remember a teacher or preacher who had an impact on your life? Why do you think that was?
  •  How does the combination of Jesus' words and actions speak to you?


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