Sunday 28 June 2015

Bible Book:

Mark 5:21-43 Sunday 28 June 2015

Psalm: Psalm 30


Jesus was someone who was a people person andhe went to where people were, where they gathered and dealt withissues that mattered to people. He didn't take offence when peopleasked him for help. He stopped and listened, he healed people andanswered all manner of questions. He was always aware of thosearound him and their needs.

In this passage, many had gathered and pressedin to Jesus, but only one person was healed. Jesus would have beenhassled - it was a massive crowd pressing in on all sides. Even thedisciples were clearly feeling hassled by the crowd. But Jesusstops. A potentially dangerous move, but for Jesus it was importantto find this person. The disciples warn him, dismiss his commentsand are try to help him continue along. But Jesus ignores them andlooks for someone in the crowd, a large crowd. But he looks and thewoman knows he is looking for her so comes forward. He didn't tellher off. He didn't ask why she did it. He simply said that was heraction that healed her. He simply told her what she did was ok.

In amongst the mess of a crowd, in a place where people press inon all sides, where the fight for personal space is lost andsurrendered, are we looking for those who need our attention? Forthe person who everyone else has given up on, who is looking indesperation for a solution, or for hope where others have given up?Are we looking? Are we paying attention to the passing comment thatcalls us to listen, to look and to follow up?

Sometimes it is a passing comment. Sometimes it is that slightlyodd question. It may be visible like a person crying on the trainas she discovers a friend has died, or the homeless holding out ahand. Are we aware of when someone needs us to stop for a momentand ignore the bustle? To stop and listen, to be present with them,even if only to let them know it is ok.

To Ponder

  • Where else do we find Jesus ignoring the crowds to focus onsomeone? What can we learn from these times?
  • Do you ever feel that niggling feeling that someone needs moreof your time? How do you respond?
  • In what ways do we seek out Jesus when we are desperate andlacking hope? And how might we realise when he is looking for us inthe crowd?
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