Thursday 06 June 2013

Bible Book:

“So it is with those who store up treasures for themselves but are not rich toward God.” (v. 21)

Luke 12:16-21 Thursday 6 June 2013


In the preceding verses Christ offers several statements abouthow much each one of us means to God (eg "Do not be afraid; you areof more value than many sparrows (Luke11:7)). Then suddenly someone in the crowd asks Jesus to act asarbitrator over his family affairs. Turning to the crowd Jesusspeaks of the effect possessions can have on those who wrapthemselves up in great wealth and how that then affects the natureof their relationship with God.

In our contemporary western world the acquisition of possessionsis frequently perceived to be the ultimate goal to which we allstrive, and will give us status, recognition and an identity. Butwith the kingdom of God, Christ tells us, the opposite is true.

So what can we draw out of this parable? If we value possessionswe are not valuing our relationship with God for, in our humanterminology, we will be seen as poor in God's kingdom. If we workhard at building up our possessions does that give us time to buildup our relationship with God? Does this story imply that there willbe apecking orderin God's kingdom and is that an accurateunderstanding of what the kingdom may be like? How much do/shouldwe transfer from our human, earthly life experiences on to thedivine?

So much of what we learn from the Gospel stories about Christ'sintentions for us, tell us that earthly values are not kingdomvalues. But it is only by using human experiences that we can beginto get a feel for what heaven may be like.

Being a pauper in the kingdom of God does not feel too good tome!

To Ponder

  • How might we free ourselves from earthly concepts and develop amore Godly approach to the quality of our lives without losing whatit is to be fully human, and fully alive?
  • How might we enable the super-rich to unpack their wrapped-uplife that does not make us hypocritical?
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