Thursday 24 June 2021

Bible Book:

But his mother spoke up… (v. 60)

Luke 1:57-66, 80 Thursday 24 June 2021

Psalm 80:1-7


Sometimes our voice goes unheard even when we have important things to share. This was true for Elizabeth who was ‘spoken over’ while declaring the name of her son in accordance with the meeting her husband had with the Angel Gabriel in Luke 1:13. Zechariah lost his ability to speak due to his doubt in the Angel’s word. This continues to have effect until the day of his son’s naming, which we can glean from pairing the promise in Luke 1:13 and the censure by Gabriel in 1:20. When Elizabeth names their son 'John', she is acknowledging her trust in the prophetic word. She is attributing the child and all he will become to the promise Zechariah received while in the Holy Place. Zechariah confirms her assertion, but most importantly, Elizabeth speaks up.

Speaking up can lead to being shut down by those who don’t want your voice to hold any weight of authority. Elizabeth speaks up, but due to her gender and the unusual nature of the message that she brings – which goes against the prevailing mindset of those gathered about her – she is not listened to.

The name, ‘John’, is unusual; unexpected and challenged by those ‘who think they know’ how naming should be done. Elizabeth and Zechariah choose to be faithful and trust God’s word, even though the world around them is looking on in disapproval.

In response to Elizabeth’s faith in God’s promise and with Zechariah’s approval of the name, his tongue which he had previously used to express doubt in God’s power to change their situation is given release into a stream of worship and rejoicing.


To Ponder:

    • Does your faith have a ‘supernatural’ trust in the power of God to transform your circumstances? Spend the day mulling over times when God has moved obstacles in your life.
    • Give some thought to those whose voices are speaking God’s message and are being ignored. Who might they be in your church or fellowship? Maybe this has happened to you. Maybe you are someone who has something powerful to say about a situation, but your words are unlikely to be acknowledged.
    •  How will you pray for those who are not heard today?
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