Tuesday 19 January 2021

Bible Book:

At daybreak he departed and went into a deserted place. (v. 42)

Luke 4:31-44 Tuesday 19 January 2021

Psalm 57:1-3, 7-11


Jesus' life at the time of this Bible passage was frenetic and hectic, important and life-changing. He was healing people, preaching in synagogues, touring the country. In the middle of all this activity he went by himself into the desert. We’re not told that he went to pray or meditate, though in other places in the Bible we are told that. I suspect that what Jesus needed was a change of pace. Prayer and contemplation can provide a change of pace, but sometimes we need a change of scene and some alone time.

 We can all cope with pressure for a time. We might even enjoy the demands, the adrenaline and the sense of achievement. There comes a time though when the pressure has to stop. If it doesn’t stop, then there is the possibility of burn out. 'Work–life balance' is a term often used to describe our need for a change of pace.

 Living in different levels of lockdown and restrictions for almost a year has brought different pressures. Being isolated and alone, not being able to see or visit people, not being able to hug, are all pressures too. It isn’t the pressure of frenetic 'busyness', but it is pressure and there is a need for a change of pace to make sure that we remain well.

 Jesus took the chance for a change of pace and afterwards he was able continue his work. A change of pace and a time of rest allows us to cope and continue with the pressures we face. Even in times of lockdown we can can find  a change of pace: it might be going for a walk, cooking a different meal, or speaking with friends and family. 

To Ponder:

  • Which parts of my life brings me pressure?
  •  What can I do to find a change of pace in my life?
  •  Who helps me when I need help and who do I thank?
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