Tuesday 23 March 2010

Bible Book:

"I am going away, and you will search for me, but you will die in your sin. Where I am going, you cannot come." (v.21)

John 8:21-30 Tuesday 23 March 2010


Taken from a longer passage which some call 'The Validity ofJesus' Testimony' (John 8:12-30), this section of John's Gospelexplores Christ's destiny. Jesus will die and the people will lookfor him, but he will not be in the tomb where they have laid him.The passage moves towards Christ's inevitable destiny ofsacrificial death on the Cross and his resurrection on the thirdday. The term "lifted up" is normally used in the New Testament tomean 'exalt' but here in John's Gospel it means crucifixion.

Jesus also talks of his followers' sin, meaning that at the time ofhis death and crucifixion, the people will still be sinners. To saythat they will die 'in sin' is to warn them that if they do notaccept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour then this will beunavoidable (see verse 24).

Jesus tells the Jews that he is 'in' the world but not 'of' theworld. This may mean that those 'of' the world were Satan's domain;that Jesus was beyond the clutches and temptations of the humanworld because he was God's son.

To Ponder

If you are a Christian, how are you preparing forHoly Week (when we remember the events leading up to Jesus'death)?

What do you think is meant by Jesus being 'in'the world but not 'of' the world?

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