Wednesday 09 May 2012

Bible Book:

] woke up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; they ceased and there was a calm." (v. 24)

Luke 8:16-25 Wednesday 9 May 2012


Many years ago I travelled to Israel with a church group. Forpart of our time we stayed in Tiberius on the shore of LakeGalilee. The lake nestles in a bowl created by surrounding hillsand is considerably bigger than my imagination had ever allowed itto be.

One night we were suddenly awoken by the most tremendous storm.Thunder and lightening split the skies and a furious wind whippedaround the buildings shaking shutters and ripping palm branchesfrom the trees.

As suddenly as it started, it stopped, and all was silent andcalm, an eerie and impossible stillness. The only evidence for thereality of the storm the next day were scattered debris, tumbledbins and assorted litter, thrown around patio furniture and the oddshutter ripped from its hinges.

Having experienced such a sudden tempest I now read today'spassage with greater understanding of the feelings of thedisciples!

The shock I experienced mirrors the terror of the disciplesconvinced that they were going to drown. The suddenness of thestorm we experienced mirrors the suddenness of their storm too -how glad I was to be feeling it under secure shelter and on dryland, and not in a boat on the lake itself!

The sudden cessation of all of the drama was, in our case as inthe disciples, absolute.

It was an awesome experience - one I would not be in a hurry torepeat. It spoke to me of the power and might of nature and of ourown smallness in the midst of such tremendous forces.

No wonder the disciples were dumbfounded in the presence of suchcommand and control - 'Peace, be still' - and it was!

To Ponder

  • Where are the storms in your life right now? What are youstruggling with?
  • Have you considered asking God to calm them in yourself or inthe circumstances you are facing? If not, why not?

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