Wednesday 15 June 2016

Bible Book:
1 Kings

"A sound of sheer silence." (v.12)

1 Kings 19:1-16 Wednesday 15 June 2016

Psalm: Psalm 103



The prophet Elijah was hiding in a cave. He had lived through areign of terror in which hundreds of God's people had beenslaughtered. Things had not turned out as Elijah expected, as hethought they should. The great prophet felt afraid and felt thatGod had abandoned him.

But Elijah continued his search for God. There was one last placeto go. If he were to find God anywhere then surely it would be onthe holy mountain, Mount Sinai. It was here that Moses hadexperienced the living God in the burning bush (Exodus3:1 - 4:17). It was here that many years later Moses hadreceived the Ten Commandments from God (Exodus20). It was indeed a very holy place.

On the mountain Elijah sought safety in a cave. From the solitudeof the cave he listened as a mighty storm raged all around. Thewind howled, the earth rumbled, the ground beneath his feet shook.The powerful storm intensified his feeling of being completelyalone. But then, gradually, the storm abated and all was quiet.Elijah wrapped his cloak around himself and went outside. He stoodin front of the cave, his eyes gazing over the grandeur of themountains. After the lashing storm all was still. At last, aftersuch a long period of feeling deep within himself the total absenceof God, in the silence he was powerfully aware of God's presence,of God speaking to him.

In the grandeur and solitude of the mountain Elijah experienced theliving God in the sound of sheer silence.

To Ponder

  • In what ways do you identify with Elijah's feelings of beingabandoned by God?
  • In the distractions of busy lives where can we go to listen forthe sound of sheer silence?
  • Where do you go to feel God's presence and hear God's voice?What is it about that place that makes it so special?
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