Wednesday 17 October 2018

Bible Book:

In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed. (v. 35)

Mark 1:29-39 Wednesday 17 October 2018

Psalm: Psalm 13


Earlier this week, I mentioned the story of Simon’s mother-in-law being healed as recounted in Luke’s Gospel, but here is the source document, so to speak. Jesus and his disciples leave the synagogue and possibly head for lunch at Simon and Andrew’s home. When they arrive, they discover that Simon’s mother-in-law is ill. Jesus lays hands on her and “lifted her”, and we are told the fever she was suffering from left her and she got up and served them. While the disciples enjoyed their meal, word of this healing clearly got out and this combined with the message from the synagogue meant that, by sundown, just about everyone in the town had turned out to ask Jesus to heal the sick and cast out demons. And Jesus cured many the text tells us. But it would seem that the events of the day had taken its toll on Jesus and early in the morning we are told, whilst it was still dark, he went out to find some solitude and a place to pray. However, the peace he was seeking was not to be; the disciples came looking for Jesus and told him that people were searching for him to be with them once more. His strength restored, he joins his friends and takes them with him from town to town preaching, still in the synagogues at this time, and healing those who came to him. It is clear that his ministry had begun and would move on from that time at a gathering pace.


To Ponder

  • How do you think you would you have reacted to the crowds who came to seek Jesus out?
  • Where do you seek solitude to pray and/or times of restoration? What is your response when those times are cut short?
  • What is your reaction to the many stories of healing in this and other gospels?
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