Wednesday 27 March 2013

Bible Book:

Luke 22:54-71 Wednesday 27 March 2013


In this passage, set in the early hours of the day of Jesus'crucifixion, we are told of two parallel trials. The first was thetrial of Peter in the courtyard of the High Priest's house (verses54-61). The second was the trial of Jesus before the Council ofelders (verses 66-71).

Jesus was surrounded by very important accusers, but stood up tothem and answered their charges. He was in genuine danger of hislife. Jesus answered the questions the elders asked and told thetruth. By contrast, Peter was surrounded by servants who weregathered around a fire for warmth. There was no hint that his lifewas in danger, yet he evaded the questions and denied knowingJesus. Peter became an enemy of the truth.


Peter learnt a very harsh lesson that morning: following Jesusis very costly and dangerous. The Peter we meet in this passage wasa shadow of his former self: he promised so much, but when themoment came for him to stand up bravely for Jesus he denied he evenknew him.

Peter failed Jesus in the courtyard, but his actions remind usof what extraordinary authority Jesus had given to such a fragileman. Peter was the rock on which Jesus built his Church (Matthew16:18). This was a very important reminder that Jesus had chosenPeter knowing that leadership of the Church was built on theauthority of a frail human being who was capable of great acts inthe name of God, but who also made mistakes.

Peter was not a coward, he wept bitterly when he met Jesus'eyes. But then he carried on with the mission Jesus had entrustedto him.

To Ponder

  • Why do you think Peter went to the courtyard of the HighPriest's house?
  • How do you think Peter would have been dealt with by today'smedia?
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