Almighty God, we come to make confession (StF 419)

Authors & translators:
Ellis, Christopher
Composers & arrangers:
Sibelius, Jean
Elements of Worship:
Singing the Faith: 419 (CD17 #21)
STF Number:

Correction to music: Correct metre to "11 10 11 10"

When sung to the set tune "Finlandia", the last two lines of each verse should be repeated. Alternatively, omit the music from bars 9 – 17.

Ideas for use

Hymns can work well as sung prayers in their own right. This is a good example.

Alternatively, as a spoken prayer: have a worship leader read verses 1 and 4 (on behalf of “we” in the first line of each verse) while the members of the congregation read the second and third verses with their more personal “I” first lines.

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