God is born among us: earth receives the Christ child (StF 200)

Authors & translators:
Pratt, Andrew
Festivals and Seasons:
Composers & arrangers:
Clarke, Martin V.
Composers & arrangers:
Sharp, Ian
Country or culture:
Singing the Faith: 200 (CD8 #28)
STF Number:

Note on layout

At first glance, it may appear from the layout in the music edition of Singing the Faith, that the main tune is not present. This impression can arise from the fact that only the words for the descant are printed in underlay with the music.

The main tune is present but only as the top line of the piano/organ accompaniment:

Following the optional introduction (bars 1-4), each verse begins at bar 5. Bars 5-8 are repeated - these correspond to lines 1 & 2 of each verse. The rest of the piano/organ music corresponds to lines 3-6 of each verse - and are printed with the descant in a separate line above.

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