The trumpets sound, the angels sing (StF 35)

Elements of Worship:
Authors & translators:
Kendrick, Graham (auth)
Elements of Worship:
Composers & arrangers:
Kendrick, Graham (comp)
Composers & arrangers:
Norton, Christopher
Guitar Chords:
Guitar chords available
Singing the Faith: 35 (CD2 #10)
STF Number:


Ideas for use

The layout in the music edition of StF can cause some confusion. The segno sign at the start of the refrain (bottom line) is printed back to front intentionally, to distinguish the D.S. refrain from the D.S. verse - both of which are required at different points in the hymn.

Accepted practice for this song is to sing two verse before a chorus and then return to the chorus following every subsequent verse depending on how many verses you repeat.

Graham Kendrick does this live here for the BBC's Songs of Praise (1996, Glastonbury).

StF advisor Rob Newton adds: "Last time I did this, I recall starting with the chorus to make sure I got the rhythm right. It’s an example of a hymn where no direction would be more helpful than confusing direction, allowing musicians to make their own minds up!"

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