Sunday 4 June, 2023

Festivals and Seasons:
Trinity (Season)

Trinity Sunday

Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading

Note that hymns 1 to 17 in Singing the Faith come under the heading The Nature and Mystery of God: the Holy Trinity.

Also see:

Norman Goreham's trinitarian hymn Light we now the candle flame (website only)
Marco Adria’s New Doxology (website only)
Clare Stainsby’s meditation on the “one endless Trinitarian God” Adonai (website only)

Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 4a

Angel voices ever singing (StF 39)
Beyond impossibility (website only)
For the beauty of the earth (StF 102)
God with us: Creator, Father (StF 8)
God in his love for us lent us this planet (StF 727)
God said world and the world span round (StF 105)
Hail! Holy, holy, holy Lord! (StF 9)
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty! (StF 11)
Into a world of dark, waste and disordered space (StF 387)
Light we now the candle flame (website only)
Lord of the boundless curves of space (StF 111)
Now thank we all our God (StF 81)
O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder (StF 82)
Praise the Lord who reigns above (StF 85)   
The God of Abraham praise (StF 91)
Today I awake (StF 139)

Psalm 8

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

As the glory of creation (StF 725)
God eternal, timeless moment (website only)
I sing the almighty power of God (StF 107)
Lord, the light of your love is shining (StF 59)
Tell me who made all of creation (StF 118)

2 Corinthians 13: 11-13

God, whose almighty word (StF 106)
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee (StF 686)
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us (StF 238)
Make me a channel of your peace (StF 707)
Now let us from this table rise renewed in body, mind and soul (StF 596)
O Holy spirit, Lord of grace (StF 392)
We believe in God the Father (StF 764)

Matthew 28: 16-20

Born in song! (StF 21)
Fear not, for I am with you (website only)
God has spoken – by his prophets (StF 157)
God's spirit is in my heart (StF 404)
God, whose love is all around us (StF 585)
Go to the world! Go into all the earth (StF 402)
Holy Spirit, come, confirm us (StF 382)
I, the Lord of sea and sky (StF 663)
Teach me to dance to the beat of your heart (StF 477)
Thuma mina (Send me, Lord) (StF 782)
Within God's hands (Dark clouds may come) (website only)

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