Bible Month 2023 - Revelation: a template for praise

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swanson-procession-mediumThe Book of Revelation is the focus for Bible Month 2023. We have produced a starter list of hymns from Singing the Faith and StF+ that you might find helpful.

There are hymn suggestions for the four themes developed by Dr Helen Miller in the 30 Days with Revelation Bible Month resource, together with a more general selection of hymns that echo the overall tone and message of the book. 

This general list is accompanied by some brief comments about the nature of the hymns in the Book of Revelation itself – and the praise they inspire in us. It offers suggestions not only from Singing the Faith and StF+ but from other gospel and contemporary traditions – with some great performance for you to go to listen to. We hope you will be inspired to explore even more ways to sing the messages of hope and challenge that make Revelation such a powerful read.

  1. Introduction - The Book of Revelation and sung praise
  2. Week 1 - The Church then and now
  3. Week 2 - The triumph of the lamb
  4. Week 3 - Witness, worship, waiting
  5. Week 4 - Heading home

bible-month-studiesEach group of hymns is built around the preaching points in the Bible Month resource, and picks up on comments in Helen Miller’s notes. Discover all the Bible Month resources, including Helen's thoughtful reflections on our Bible Month page.

Download our StF suggestions as a PDF

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