Bible Month

What is Bible Month

Bible Month is an annual campaign that celebrates scripture by inviting the whole Methodist Connexion to feast on one particular book of the Bible together.*

Through a menu of carefully curated resources, training and learning opportunities, churches and circuits are encouraged to taste and see the goodness of an individual text; enjoying some of its unique flavours, considering its origins, appreciating its place alongside the rest of scripture, and savouring the unique contribution it might make to our faithful living and learning today.

*Typically, churches engage with Bible Month during June and many of the resources and training opportunities are timed accordingly. It is possible, however, for churches to choose a different month in the year in which to engage with the materials if that works better for their local calendars and needs.

Bible Month 2022 




In 2022, we’re going to feast upon the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah is a highly significant book that sits right at the centre of the Bible – not only in terms of where it appears, but in terms of its theological significance. It encapsulates the core strands of the Old Testament, summarising the story and struggles of Israel, and proclaiming God’s plans and promises for its people. It is also referenced again and again by the New Testament writers who are eager to demonstrate that Jesus and the early Church can be seen as the fulfilment of those plans and promises. In short, it is one of the best texts for helping us to trace a story-arc through the whole Bible; hear God’s heart for God’s people, appreciate what the writers of the New Testament are saying, and reflect on who Jesus is and who we are called to be as the Church today.

Because Isaiah is rather long, it might seem like a daunting book to explore. But, rest assured, this year’s menu of resources, training and learning opportunities is set to make it really accessible for everyone in your context, so no one finds themselves biting off more than they can manage...

To start with, we’re taking more of a thematic approach to the book. Each week we’re encouraging reflection on a different fundamental theme of the book.

Week 1: Tough Love
Week 2: A Light to the World
Week 3: The Faithful Servant
Week 4: A New World


Alongside these themes, individuals, groups, circuits and churches will be encouraged to chew over the text and message of Isaiah in a whole host of different ways. This year’s menu plans include

  • 30 Days in Isaiah: including Study Notes, Timelines, Reflections, Small Group Session Plans and Children, Youth & All-Age Worship Content, etc.
    (Available from January)
  • Preparation Training Sessions: for those involved in promoting, encouraging and facilitating Bible Month locally (Local Preachers, Worship Leaders, Small Group Leaders, etc). 
    (Due to run in March)*
  • Engagement Opportunities: including reading plans, artistic reflections, Ignatian meditations, etc.
    (Released weekly during June to conincide with preaching plans)*
  • Exploration Webinars: looking at the implications and applications of the different themes for our faithful living and learning today.
    (Due to run weekly in June to coincide with preaching plans)*

*Further details about all these opportunities will be coming out in the coming weeks. 


Use these platforms to access and engage with Bible Month:

The Bible Month Eventbrite

Here you can see and sign-up to upcoming Bible Month training and events (you can also browse through the calendar below to see what is happening when.

The Bible Month Facebook Page

Here you can ‘like’ ‘follow’ and join in on the general conversation about Bible Month itself as well as find updates, links and details for Bible Month related events and resources.

The Bible Month YouTube Channel

Here you can find helpful videos including input from the Study Guide authors, full-length recordings of the various Learning Network events, and bite-sized input and guides to help you prepare for delivering Isaiah in your context.



Bible Month Further Resources (coming soon)

There are lots of Bible Month related resources coming out in the next few months and so we encourage you to keep checking out the Facebook page and YouTube channel. Here are a few key documents though that might be particularly useful:

  • B&W Version of Study Notes (Pdf)

    This is not the full version of the Study Guide which you can order from the Preach website from January 2022. This is a reduced, black and white version with the core preaching notes for those wanting to prepare for Bible Month sermons and small group sessions

  • Bible Month 2022 Learning & Development ‘Menu’ (Pdf)

    This is a guide to the various Bible Month related training, events and learning opportunities being run by the Learning Network throughout 2022. It will include links and contact details for signing up to and finding out more about all the events.

  • Introduction to Isaiah and the 30 Days study notes (video)

    This is will be a short video from Helen Paynter offering an overview of the study notes. She will explain some of the historical realities that brought the text of Isaiah into being, how and why she has divided the text into the four themes she has, and celebrating some of the contributions Isaiah can make to our lived faith today. We recommend that this be played during Local Preacher’s Meetings as a way of introducing LPs and WLs to Bible Month and this year’s resource.

  • Church and Circuit Media Pack (.zip folder)

    This year we are releasing a Media Pack for churches and circuits. This will include Powerpoint templates, the Bible Month graphics, colour palettes and illustrations, some social media posts, and more. Use these as you wish to promote and encourge engagement with Bible Month in your context.



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