Light out of darkness (website only)

Authors & translators:
Hinton, Alan
Festivals and Seasons:

Light out of darkness,
God’s word commands it
From the beginning
Down to this day.
Light is still shining,
Seen best in Jesus,
Earthing God’s first word,
Showing our way.

John now is calling –
Own your own darkness
Hear your God saying,
“Let there be light!”
Rise from the waters,
Look to the sunrise,
Live in the Spirit,
Turn from the night.

After repentance
Trust God’s forgiveness,
Leave sin behind you,
Make a new start.
Loosen your tongue to
Share what God gives you,
Offering others
Hopes of your heart.

Text: © Alan Hinton 2008


Suggested tune: Bunessan (StF 125; H&P 635) For use and private distribution, but not for commercial publication in any form.

Words reflect John 1:1-28

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