Light we now our candle’s flame (website only)

Elements of Worship:
Festivals and Seasons:
Authors & translators:
Goreham, Norman
Festivals and Seasons:
Trinity (Season)
Composers & arrangers:
Wareing, Laurence (comp)
Candle flame

Light we now our candle’s flame
in the Trinity’s blest Name:
God, Creator of the light,
Christ, who chases sin’s dark night,
fire of Spirit burning bright.
In the Trinity’s blest Name
now we light our candle’s flame.

Praise we now our God’s great Name
by the lighting of this flame:
praise for dawn and light’s rebirth,
praise for goodness of the earth,
praise for ev’ry human’s worth.
By the lighting of this flame
praise we now our God’s great Name.

Small and vuln’rable our flame,
yet we honour God’s Name
by our acts of loving care,
gleams of hope ‘mid dark despair,
learning how to give and share,
deeds that honour our God’s great Name,
symbolised by this small flame.

Trinity of threefold Name,
bless, we pray, our candle’s flame.
free our world from darkest night;
leave the shadows to their plight;
speak again “Let there be light!”
Bless, we pray, our little flame,
Trinity of threefold Name.

Words: Norman J. Goreham © 2011

Metre: 77.77.777.

Tunes: “Acorn” (for cantor and congregation) and “Candle flame” by Laurence Wareing © 2012

Download tunes as PDFs: Acorn and Candle flame.

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Written by Norman Goreham for use on Trinity Sunday 2012 and first sung during a service of Holy Communion on that day in Mount Albert Methodist Church in Auckland, New Zealand (using the tune "Acorn"). Suitable for use at other times of the year (e.g during Advent) as well as to accompany the lighting of a candle as part of any service of worship.

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