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Prayer of the Day

Be to us at all times, O Lord, our unending joy, our eternal bliss and our enduring comfort. Be to us light in the darkness, strength in temptation and refreshment in the desert. Being penitent for our sins may we never be separated from you and longing for your face may we behold you in heaven. Amen.

Margery Kempe (c.1373-c.1438)

God of unimaginable love, we give you thanks and praise.
For the love that welcomes the unlovely,
for the love that pardons the unworthy,
for the love that knows no limit,
we give you thanks and praise.

In the love that inspires our worship,
in the love of which we would learn more,
in the love we share in our caring,
we give you thanks and praise.

As your love in us serves our neighbour,
as your love tells its story through us,
as your love calls us your people,
we give you thanks and praise. Amen.

Jonathan Hustler, Secretary, British Methodist Conference

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