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Prayer of the Day

Praying daily is one of the commitments of A Methodist Way of Life.  We hope the prayers below are helpful in your prayer life. They are kindly submitted by Methodist volunteers from across the globe, who offered them for ‘A Place for All’, the 2021/2022 Methodist Prayer Handbook. 

You may also be interested in our online daily A Word in Time Bible study.


Praise to you, O Lord, for the jewel of sight, the treasure of hearing and the glory of speech. Open our eyes to your glory, our ears to your word and our mouths to proclaim your goodness; now and for ever. Amen.

Thomas Traherne (1636-74)

God of all grace, you do not need us to agree with one another, but you do call us to love one another just as you love us. We know your love to be generous and gracious. You created us to be a part of your diverse creation, richer for being a gift, not a threat, to one another. So give us courage every day, not just to worship you but to follow where your love leads. Amen.

Helen Cameron, Northampton District Chair

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