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Prayer of the Day

Let the door of our heart be open to receive, O Christ; the soul of our being unlocked, to welcome you; and the gate of our life flung wide, for your entering in. Amen.

Ambrose of Milan (c.340-397)

Energising, life-giving, playful God, whose Spirit teases out of creation things old and new, be creative in and through us; be creative beyond us, so that what you hope and will for the world may come into being, justly, abundantly and joyously.

Help us to face honestly and boldly all the flaws and frailties that flow from the freedom you have given us.

Open us up, with the whole of creation, to the future that is yours alone to give.

Involve us not to create your kingdom, but to welcome its arrival in our actions and words.

We pray in the name of Christ, who proclaims and embodies the kingdom we seek. Amen.

Clive Marsh, Vice-President, British Methodist Conference, 2019/2020

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