How Safeguarding is fostering Interfaith cooperation in the Gambia

15 February 2024

The Methodist Church of The Gambia (MTCG) is one of our many partners who have embraced, and actively promoting Safeguarding principles within their connexion.

Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country, but Christians, though in a minority, have lived and worked successfully together with Muslims for many years. This is due to the establishment of Christian Missionary Schools in the Gambia during the colonial period. The schools helped to foster interreligious harmony in the country through their non-discriminatory admissions policies

The Church, after adopting their safeguarding policy, decided to assemble the best within the field in The Gambia to help train their advisory committee. The Church approached and worked with many stakeholders, including international Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs), such as UNICEF; Government organisations, local NGOs and Social Welfare Officers, to build the capacity of their Safeguarding Advisory Committee. According to Ms Daisy Caroll, the Safeguarding Coordinator for The Methodist Church of Gambia, “the church chose to work with all stakeholders, irrespective of their religious affiliations, guided by their objective of assembling the best, and to develop excellent relationship with all their stakeholders”.


Presentation – Safeguarding Sunday – The Methodist Church The Gambia

As part of their activities, MCTG planned to promote safeguarding to the congregation, and to highlight its relevance to everyday life. The church chose to celebrate their first ever Safeguarding Sunday on 19th November, 2023. They contextualised the resources produced by MCB to meet their circumstances.



Materials produced for Safeguarding Sunday by The Methodist Church The Gambia (MCTG)

 The Safeguarding Sunday event was held at the main Cathedral in Banjul. According to Ms Caroll, the event was “very successful”. MCTG worked with different organisations including Islamic groups and international NGOs to put their message across. The key note speaker, a Muslim, stressed the importance of Safeguarding to all communities, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

The event demonstrated the universality of the safeguarding message. Partners can achieve their safeguarding objectives and also foster inter religious dialogue among different faith beliefs.