The aim of the Methodist Church Safeguarding policy is to create Christian communities of love and care, where good practice in this area becomes a way of life.

Safeguarding News Updates:

Please note: Methodist Ministers can now apply online for a DBS check. Their Superintendent or District Chair can verify their application.

Where possible, we advise that the online E-Bulk system be used to apply for DBS checks. For further information on the E-Bulk system please contact Churches Agency for Safeguarding.

BUT if the paper application forms are used the following needs to be done: 

-the verifier will need to inform the safeguarder of the paper application along with the paper form reference number and date of birth of the applicant.

-the verifier needs to inform the applicant to contact the safeguarder as soon as they receive their  disclosure certificate in the post to make an appointment to show the safeguarder the certificate.

- the safeguarder needs to physically see the certificate and inform Churches Agency for Safeguarding (CAS) of the following:

  • If the disclosure certificate is clear of blemishes an email can be sent to stating the following:
    • the Certificate status is clear of blemishes
    • the certificate issue number and date
    • the applicants name and date of birth
  • If the disclosure certificate is blemished with any cautions, convictions or additional information, make a photocopy of the applicants certificate and post it to CAS with the safeguarders contact details. They will in turn update their records and inform the connexional safeguarding team and we will then make contact with the applicant and the safeguarder directly.


        10 Steps for Safer Recruitment - June 2013 (short version)

         Safer Recruitment Policy - June 2013

Leadership Module Now Available

Past Cases Review


The Methodist Safeguarding HandbookSafeguarding

To enable churches to achieve the above aim, and in light of legislation and government guidance, the Methodist Church has produced the Methodist Safeguarding Handbook. It contains the latest policies and procedures which have been approved by the 2010 Methodist Conference and which came into effect on 1 January 2011. By following the guidelines, your church community will be complying with the latest government guidance and creating a safe space for all.

The handbook is available to purchase from Methodist Publishing for £20 + P&P, or it can be downloaded below in five sections.

"There is a growing understanding that protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults is at the core of our faith. Safeguarding is about creating churches that are a safe space for everyone; a space where children can flourish and adults can live up to their potential. It is about enabling everyone to come to Jesus without stumbling blocks of abuse, ignorance, fear, compassion fatigue or the failure to recognise the experiences that so many carry within our communities."

Elizabeth Hall, Safeguarding Advisor, Methodist Church in Britain 


Safeguarding Children and Young People (pdf)
This policy has been approved by the Methodist Council and replaces the 2003 edition.

Safeguarding Adults when they are vulnerable (pdf)
A new policy approved by the 2010 Methodist Conference.

Guidance to Prevent Domestic Abuse / Violence (pdf)
These practical measures support, and should be read alongside, the 2005 Methodist Conference report Taking Action.

Model Safeguarding Policies  (pdf)
Model Safeguarding Policies  (Word)
Designed for churches and circuits.


Safer Recruitment Policy - June 2013 (pdf)
This is the almost-final version of this policy. Some limited final decisions will be needed in autumn 2013. This policy, with the '10 Step Procedure for All Recruitment', is designed to be read and used without amendment at the level of parish, church or circuit. Most of the detailed background information is located in the appendices.

The final policy will be automatically sent to purchasers of the Methodist Safeguarding Handbook. 

The Methodist Safeguarding Handbook - Welsh version

Diogelu Plant a Phobl Ifanc (pdf)

Diogelu Oedolion (pdf)

Canllawiau Arfer Da - Cam-drin Domestig (pdf)

Modelau o Bolisïau i Eglwysi (pdf)
Modelau o Bolisïau i Eglwysi (Word doc) 


The Scottish Safeguarding system (pdf)

Implementing the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 (PVG) in the Methodist Church in Scotland  (pdf)

Creating Safer Space:

Foundation Module / Modiwl Sylfaenol

Leadership Module 


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The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children. That means we are part of UK policing and very much about tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or in partnership with local and international forces. is a useful website for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. The Stop it Now! campaign operates a confidential freephone helpline for any adult with concerns including those worried about the sexual behaviour or another adult towards
children, those worried about their own thoughts or behaviour towards children and those concerned about the worrying sexual behaviour of a child or young person. is a child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps parents and carers do the best they can to protect their children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information, guidance and resources.