Changes to Safeguarding Training requirements - update 01/08/2022 (under development)

Methodist/Church of England reciprocal recognition of safeguarding training

The Methodist Church and the Church of England have agreed that they will each recognise the other denomination’s Foundation and Advanced (Leadership) Module Training as being equivalent to their own.

Foundation Module Training

There are now 3 versions of the Foundation Module Training 2020:

  •        Foundation Module Face to Face 2020 Edition
  •        Foundation Module Online 2020 Edition and
  •        Foundation Module 2020 (Modified 2022)

The new materials seek to bring together the best components of the previous versions of the training.

To make access easier for trainers, the Face to Face trainers’ materials and the Online resources can be accessed through the Modified webpage, using just one password. This is available to qualified trainers via their DSO.

The separate links for the Face to Face and Online Trainers’ sections will be removed in a few months, when all Trainers are able to access the new Modified section.

The Connexional Safeguarding Team


From September 2017 the training interval for refreshers will be 4 years as per Conference decision in 2016. Using this pattern, the Methodist Church ensures that everyone in key roles receives this good quality training.

Please contact your District Safeguarding Officer with any queries on safeguarding training or how to book on.  Contact Details

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