Changes to Safeguarding Training requirements - update 01/04/2021

Due to the travel and contact restrictions that have been imposed to cope with the spread of Covid 19, the Methodist Church has had to make many changes to its normal programmes and plans.

This has also had an impact for those members, officers and ministers who are required to undertake Foundation and Advanced Module safeguarding  training every four years, due to the cancellation of face-to-face training courses.

Those requiring Foundation Module training are now able to complete this online and those requiring the Advanced Module will be also be able to access an online version from June this year.

When we are able to offer face to face training courses again we will also maintain the offer of on-line courses.  Whilst it will take some time to catch up with all those who have been waiting to undertake the training for the first time, or who have reached their four-year renewal point, the ability to offer online and face to face opportunities will enable us begin to catch up with the back log.

Please register for courses as they become available in your area.

Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference

Henry Lewis, Chair Safeguarding Committee


From September 2017 the training interval for refreshers will be 4 years as per Conference decision in 2016. Using this pattern, the Methodist Church ensures that everyone in key roles receives this good quality training.

Please contact your District Safeguarding Officer with any queries on  safeguarding training or how to book on.  Contact Details

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