The Methodist Church aims to be an inclusive church where all are welcome.  Methodist Churches across the Connexion have thought of inventive ways to involve people with dementia in worship and to care for the carers.. 

On this page, you can find: 

  • a link to a recording of our 'Making Our Churches More Dementia Friendly' webinar, packed with useful ideas
  • 10 top tips for making our churches more dementia friendly
  • information on 'Memory Worship' at Wesley Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea,
  • a list of useful websites
  • a recommended reading list
  • a list of frequently asked questions about Dementia Friendly Churches,

 Dementia Friendly Churches Webinar November 2021

The Connexional Safeguarding Team hosted a Zoom webinar on the topic of Dementia-Friendly churches on Tuesday 30 November 2021:

Areas covered included: 

  • Dementia awareness raising,
  • the theology of personhood and spirituality in dementia,
  • safeguarding vulnerable adults with dementia 
  • practical tips on making our church buildings more dementia-friendly,
  • advice on understanding ‘challenging’ behaviours and
  • positive stories from Methodist churches who already are leading in this area.

Read more about the webinar and watch it again on the webinar page Making Our Churches More Dementia Friendly Webinar November 2021


10 top tips for making our churches more dementia friendly

 10 top tips for making our churches more dementia Friendly


Memory Worship at Leigh-on-Sea

Find out how one Methodist church has created worship services for those with dementia.  


Watch on YouTube:  Memory Worship, Wesley Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea


Useful Websites


MHA (for resources for worship for people with dementia. There is also a link from there to ‘faith community resources’ where you can find information about the WELL (Worship Engagement in Later Life) programme including the videos that are used as part of the November 2021 webinar.


Alzheimer’s Society’s website has a huge range of information leaflets from basic quick reads aimed at people with dementia, to longer more in-depth documents



Recommended reading

  • ‘Dementia: Living in the Memories of God’ (2017) by John Swinton
  • A Great Place to Grow Old: Reimagining Ministry for Older People (2021) by Tina English
  • ‘Redeeming Dementia: Spirituality, Theology, and Science’ (2018) by Dorothy Linthicum & Janice Hicks
  • ‘Will I still be me?: Finding a Continuing Sense of Self in the Lived Experience of Dementia’ (2018) by Christine Bryden
  • ‘Worshipping with Dementia: Meditations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers’ (2010) by Louise Morse
  • ‘You Oughta Know: Acknowledging, recognising and responding to the steps in the journey through Dementias & Alzheimer’s disease’ (2014), by Sandra Ross


 Frequently asked questions about dementia friendly churches

 Questions about Dementia Friendly Churches