Support for Survivors


Our commitments to survivors of abuse within the Methodist Church:


We will:
  • Provide a welcome to all survivors and support their engagement with the Methodist Church
  • Work continuously to create a culture of inclusion throughout the Church
  • Provide time and space to listen without judgement to anyone raising a concern or reporting abuse.
  • Respond promptly and professionally to safeguarding concerns and reports of abuse
  • Work closely in partnership with statutory agencies to protect the vulnerable and support those who seek justice.
  • Offer pastoral care to survivors of abuse and other people who have been affected
  • Work with survivors to increase understanding throughout the Church of the nature of abuse and its impact and reflect this learning through policy, procedure and training. 

The Church recognises the devastating impact on survivors who suffer harm within a church context.  It remains a deep source of grief and shame that as a Christian Church, such abuse represents a clear failure to live in ways that glorify God and honour Christ.

In 2015, following the completion of the review of past safeguarding cases over the last fifty years (the Courage, Cost & Hope Report), The Methodist Church offered a full unreserved apology to survivors and victims of abuse for the failure of current and past processes in fully protecting children, young people and adults from abuse. 

The Church appreciates the bravery of those who have come forward to report abuse and to share their thoughts as to how safeguarding processes, procedures and practice can be improved.  We are grateful for the work of our survivors’ group and those individuals who have shared their experiences. 

A charter for survivors

This charter was written by the Methodist Survivors Advisory Group and is an invitation to the Methodist Church to listen, to repent, and to change.

A charter for survivors

2022 'Speaking Truth: Voices of Survivors of Child Abuse' Webinar Series

Two informative and thought-provoking webinars were held in early 2022 with planning by the Methodist Survivors’ Advisory Group members for an audience across the Methodist Church. Further information on the Safeguarding Webinars page at: 

2022 'Speaking Truth: Voices of Survivors of Child Abuse' Webinar Series

We recognise the continuing need to reflect, learn and develop understanding in all corners of the Church about safeguarding and what is needed to protect, respond and support those who may be vulnerable. 

It is anticipated that in coming months additional resources will be made available in this section.  If you feel able to contribute material or have any suggestions about helpful resources, please contact Kate Little Connexional Safeguarding Team lead on development work with survivors.

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