3Generate, the annual event for Methodist children and young people, wants you!

17 July 2019

Following the phenomenal growth of 3Generate, the annual event for Methodist children and young people, organisers are calling for more volunteers to come forward and ensure its continued success.

Around 1,200 young people will be attending this year’s 3Generate, the Methodist Children and Youth Assembly, where youth speak out and into the Church on the issues that matter to them. To ensure 3Generate’s continued success, organisers are looking to recruit volunteers to walk alongside the young people and to share their transformational journey.

Taking place in Southport over the weekend 22-24 November, 3Generate is packed with ways to hear the voices of young people. This year’s theme is based on the Year of Testimony ‘Where is God in my story?’ The event is full of opportunities for everyone to experience a variety of worship, prayer and Bible study styles and to participate through sport, drama, dance, comedy, discussion and storytelling.

3Generate encourages young people to be ‘Agents of Change’ for some of the important issues facing the world today and for them to take an active role in tackling subjects including climate change and poverty from a Christian perspective. Each year the young people create a ‘Manifesto’ to highlight what is important to them and the issues that they want to explore through the wider Church in the coming year.

You do not need to have previous experience in working with young people to take part.

Jasmine Yeboah, Youth President 2018/19, commented: “The 3Generate Children and Youth Assembly brings together young people from across Methodism, from all communities, encouraging them to speak out, engage and respond to issues relevant to the whole Church. It is transformational for both the children and the delivery team and is an inspiring journey of discipleship, supporting the ministry of children and youth across the Methodist Church.

“The event has been growing over recent years and to ensure that we give everyone the best possible experience, we are looking for more people to join us. From supporting activities and pastoral work, to helping with logistics behind the scenes, all are welcome.

“Whatever your gifts are, 3Generate wants your help to make it a success.”

Training is provided and all volunteers are required to undertake safer recruitment procedures.

Craig Gaffney, a former Youth President, is with the Roving Youth Team at 3Generate. He commented: “I have been volunteering with 3Generate for many years and it has been a significant part of my journey. It has developed my faith and now I have the opportunity to give something back, allowing young people to encounter God. It has been incredible to see how 3Generate has grown and to hear about personal encounters with God.”

 Kim Kershaw, who volunteered in 2018, spoke about the benefits to her community of volunteering: “Being part of the 3Generate team means I get to hear about what is going on in other local churches. I return with ideas around our own young people that can feed into discussions locally and it helps me feel part of the wider Methodist family.”

Details of how to apply and join the 3Generate team can be found on the 3Generate website.