70 Year Anniversary of Methodist Homes for the Aged

Methodist Homes for the Aged celebrates its 70thbirthday today. The charity delivers a range of high qualityservices to 16,000 individuals throughout Britain. The Revd Dr MarkWakelin, President of the Methodist Conference, said: "For 70 yearsthe Methodist Church has taken a great deal of pride in the work ofMHA.  We have been proud of the excellent level of care, thedistinctive emphasis on the value of each individual, the efficientrunning of the homes and other forms of care. We have beenproud that the values and vision of the Methodist Church have runthrough an organisation that has held its head up high in the careworld and has been looked up to by others.  For the staff,supporters and above all the residents of MHA we offer a heartywell done and congratulations on your birthday."  

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