A Statement on the Jordan Bus Crash

It is now thought that a number of those caught up inyesterday's Jordan bus crash were Methodists from the Newcastle andYork & Hull districts, although we will not know for sure untilnames are publicly confirmed by the Foreign Office. The followingstatements have been issued so far, and will be updated asnecessary.

The Revd. Stephen Burgess, Chair of the York & HullDistrict: "We are deeply saddened by the news from Jordan of thecoach crash, and aware that many of the passengers are from theMethodist community here in York. I know that Methodists and otherslocally will be remembering those involved in their prayers, andwill be offering support to families and friends at this terribletime. We also extend our prayers to our friends from the Newcastlearea who have also been affected by this tragic news, and to allthose caught up in these events."

The Revd. Terry Hurst, Acting Chair of the Newcastle District:"The whole church is shocked and saddened by this news. LocalMethodists and our fellow Christians in other congregations will doall we can to aid those affected by this terrible event, and wealso remember in our prayers those from York who have alsosuffered. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are aidingthe injured in Jordan, and those who are supporting and comfortingfriends and relatives here in Britain."

The Revd Will Morrey, President of the Methodist Conference, andthe Revd David Deeks, General Secretary of The Methodist Church:"The whole Methodist Church in Britain is greatly saddened andshocked by this terrible news. Ours sympathy and prayers areextended to all involved, and especially those in York & Hulland Newcastle who are working to support and help the families andfriends of the bereaved and injured. The whole church will continueto give all it can in practical, spiritual and pastoral care. As achurch we have lost good friends and beloved brothers and sistersin Christ, and we are deeply upset by this news."