Appeal for funds for Kenya crisis

The Methodist Church and Methodist Relief and DevelopmentFund (MRDF) have confirmed the initial amounts of financial aidthey are sending to Kenya to support those suffering as a result ofthe ongoing conflict.

MRDF is sending £6,300 directly to local partner RCDG, based inNairobi's Kibera slum district, one of the areas worst affected bythe post-election violence.

Samantha Tuck, East Africa Programme Officer at MRDF, explains "Amajor concern is that those on anti-retroviral treatment for HIVcan't get to clinics for drugs. They have to take those drugs withfood, but cannot get that either. RCDG is ideally placed to deliverdirect assistance to some of the most vulnerable and seriouslyaffected people. With an MRDF humanitarian grant they will getmedical care, food and bedding to 200 members of the community. Weare pleased to have their help in channelling funds straight towhere they are most needed."

Further MRDF response will be made through ACT International,which is providing survival essentials for displaced people livingin camps.

The Methodist Church in Kenya has called for £25,000 to help themsupport those suffering because of the widespread violence. TheMethodist Church in Britain is sending £10,000 straight away, butis appealing for donations to cover the remaining need.

Kevin Fray, World Church Africa Secretary, says; "The situation inKenya is very hard to comprehend, but what we do know is thatpeople are in desperate need of shelter and aid. At the moment, thebest support we in Britain can offer is through our prayers anddonations."

Donations to MRDF's appeal for RCDG and ACT International can bemade by credit card on 020 7224 4814, or by cheque, payable to"MRDF (Kenya emergency)", posted to MRDF, Methodist Church House,25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 6JR.

Donations to the Methodist Church's appeal for the MethodistChurch in Kenya can be made at http://www.methodist.org.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=opentoworld.content&cmid=1493.

Taxpayers are encouraged to Gift Aid their donations wherepossible, adding a value of 28p on to every pound they give, at noextra personal cost.