Archbishop to deliver keynote speech at public issues Conference

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will give thekeynote address at the 'Love your neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote'conference organised by the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) of theBaptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the UnitedReformed Church. This will be the third such conference arranged bythe three churches and will be held at Coventry Central Hall onSaturday 21 February 2015.

The 'Love your neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote' conference has beendesigned to enthuse and equip delegates to be effective Christiandisciples in the build-up to the UK's general election on 7 May2015. The Archbishop's address will set the scene for a day ofreflection, discussion and Bible study focussed on how churches andindividual Christians can help create a more justsociety. 

During the day delegates will be able to choose from a number ofworkshops covering issues such as poverty, housing, peacemaking,immigration and climate change, as well as sessions dealing withthe practical issues of encouraging churches and communities to bean active part of the political process.

Rachel Lampard, Joint Public Issues Team leader and policyadviser, said: "The 'Love your neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote'conference will explore how we can work together as a people offaith to challenge political leaders to focus on the needs of themost vulnerable.

"The Conference aims to help us put Christ's call to 'love ourneighbour' at the heart of everything we do in the run up to May'sGeneral Election. By responding to the needs of the disadvantagedand marginalised we hope Christians will use their vote to help tocreate a world that better represents God's Kingdom of justice andpeace."

Archbishop Justin is committed to ecumenical working andbuilding links across the denominations and is attending thisconference as a guest of John Ellis, moderator of the GeneralAssembly of the United Reformed Church.

Mr Ellis said: "Archbishop Justin has been a champion of socialjustice both in the UK  - where he has shown great leadershipin tackling payday lenders and in the reform of the banking system- and internationally where he has provided a much needed voice forpeace and reconciliation in Iraq and Sudan. It is great honour tohave Archbishop Justin as the keynote speaker at the 'Love yourneighbour: Think, Pray, Vote' conference."

For more information, and to book your place at the 'Love yourneighbour: Think, Pray, Vote' conference, please visit the JPITconference page. Doors open at 10am, with the conferencestating with worship at 10.30am and ending at 4pm.