At a time of political transition for the US the Presidency writes to the United Methodist Church

11 January 2021

The President and the Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have written a letter of support to the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church assuring them of the prayers of the Methodist people of Great Britain:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Methodist Church in Britain values its concordat relationship with the United Methodist Church and has benefitted greatly and in many ways from our sharing with Methodists in the United States of America. Like many around the world, therefore, we rejoice when you rejoice and weep when you weep.

At this time of political transition in the USA, we wanted to assure you of the prayers of the Methodist people here. We understand (and indeed to some degree experience ourselves) the way in which deeply held convictions can divide people in communities, in families, and in churches, and we understand the frustration that those who would be peacemakers feel when faced by groups with contradictory and apparently irreconcilable narratives. We pray with you that the call to civility might be heeded; may the Methodist people be emboldened to offer pardon where there is injury, hope where there is despair, and love where there is division.

Yours in Christ,

The Revd Richard Teal President of the Methodist Conference 2020/2021

Mrs Carolyn Lawrence Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2020/2021