Response to attack at London Bridge and Borough Market

A statement from the Chairs of the London District inresponse to the attack at London Bridge and BoroughMarket.

Today marks the feast of Pentecost within the Christian Church- a day when we remember people from all over the world gatheringin Jerusalem for a festival. We remember God's Holy Sirit of peaceand love being poured into the world in a new and dynamic way,breaking down barriers of language and nation. The area aroundBorough Market and London Bridge on a Saturday night is usually aplace of festival - a vibrant place where people from all over theworld gather to enjoy each other's company. It is shocking to wakeup to the news of the devastating attack that took place lastnight.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have died, those whoare injured and those who mourn. We are again deeply moved bystories of courage shown by our emergency services and by membersof the public who put themselves at risk to shield others fromharm. As we offer prayers in churches and homes today, we pray thatthese events will not lead to the spread of fear in our city butthat, once again, Londoners will stand united against those whowould have us turn on each other in hate.

Michaela Youngson and Nigel Cowgill
Chairs of the London District of the Methodist Church

A Prayer 

Loving God,
Your Son, Jesus Christ, is the Prince of Peace.
We pray that his peace might bring comfort into the lives ofthose who mourn,
We remember those who have died and pray for the healing ofthose wounded.
We give thanks for all the emergency services, for their skilland courage.
We ask that witnesses and those traumatized by violence willfind peace.
At this time of festivals we pray, 
for Christians celebrating the birth of the church atPentecost;
for our Jewish sisters and brothers who have celebrated theirfestival of Shavout;
for our Muslim sisters and brothers in this holy month ofRamadan;
for all people of faith and good will.

May your world know peace and may we have the courage to bepeacemakers in our homes our community and our world.

In the name of Christ.