Beautiful pictures and inspiring prayers from The Methodist Church

New booklet launched at Christian Resources Exhibition.

72% of Britons pray at some point, even though they may not believein God. But many people struggle with prayer. A new publicationfrom the Methodist Church is encouraging people to pray in allcircumstances.

Prayer in Your Pocket is a beautifully illustrated 16-page bookletfeaturing prayers from all over the world. It is a follow-up to thevery successful Peace in Your Pocket, 75,000 copies of which weredistributed through health clubs, bars and play centres overChristmas and New Year.

The Revd Michaela Youngson, Secretary for Pastoral Care andSpirituality, drew prayers from a wide variety of sources tocompile the booklet. She says; 'Prayer is for everyone, but so manyof us struggle with it. Prayer in Your Pocket has prayers for timesof distress, times of abundance and need, prayer for times of joy.We hope this booklet will empower, uplift and comfort people intheir daily lives.'

In Prayer in Your Pocket, readers will find prayers old and new. AKenyan prayer cries out for peace and justice, while Julian ofNorwich reminds the reader of God's everlasting love. Some will befamiliar, such as the Lord's Prayer from the Gospel of Matthew andothers are new, including some written by Michaela.

The publication will be launched at the Christian ResourcesExhibition, 15-18 May at Sandown Park, Esher. Methodist Churchstaff will be available at the stand to discuss all aspects ofChurch work and life.

To purchase copies of Prayer in Your Pocket at £5 for 50, contactMPH: www.mph.org.uk, 01733325002

You can also download a PowerPoint version of Prayer in Your Pocketfor use in church services.

Download a PDFof Prayer in Your Pocket (3MB - Large file)