Better Than Bubble Bath - Extraordinary gifts for Christmas

As many of us rack our brains for the perfect gift for thatdifficult relative, the Methodist Relief and Development Fund(MRDF) is encouraging people to do something life-changing thisChristmas. It has launched an all-new range of gifts:ordinary-sounding things that make an extraordinary difference topeople living in some of the world's poorest communities.

Extraordinary gifts provide a variety of opportunities, such assending a child to school in Bangladesh or giving families in ElSalvador a wood-saving stove. A colourful card and magnet explainall about the small miracle that each item enables - and withprices from £7 and gifts from around the world - it's not hard tofind the perfect miracle - whomever you are buying for.

MRDF's Director of Supporter Relations, Amanda Norman, says:'Understandably, people will want to be careful with their moneythis Christmas. Buying one of MRDF's Extraordinary gifts is moneywell spent - a meaningful gift that will change the lives of someof the world's poorest people.'

Each gift comes from ongoing work carried out through responsible,local agencies that know what is best for their communities. MRDFworks closely with its partners ensure everything it supports issafe, sustainable and situationally appropriate.

Extraordinary gifts can be bought online from www.mrdf.org.uk, orby calling 020 7467 5132 to order a catalogue.