Bigger Conversation

People across Great Britain are getting ready to take a freshlook at the Gospel of Matthew during Lent with the Big Read.

The Big Read is part of the Big Bible project, an online digitalcommunity that promotes regular Bible reading and engagement withcontemporary culture. After the success of last year's Big Read,which was based in York, this year's project is bigger and betteras it aims for a wider outreach. This year, it's gone national onTwitter and Facebook and with multimedia resources availablethrough the Big Bible blog, with a 'blend' of physical and digitalmaterials. The latest statistics show that the website has morethan doubled its visitors between November 2010 and February2011*.

The Project is launching this year's Big Read with Tom Wright'sLent for Everyone: Matthew. As well as using the book, house groupswill be able to take advantage of free online study materials froma range of contributors, including week-by-week group resources,videos and audio reflections, and a challenge to carry thatlearning through the week. The Big Bible website also allows peopleto discuss the text with people all over the world, from a range ofdifferent perspectives.

Bex Lewis, Big Bible Project Manager: "People become reallycomfortable in their own house groups, staying in the same one foryears. The Big Read offers another layer of conversation in theonline forums, where they can engage with others and where thinkingcan be challenged."

Revd Dr Peter Phillips, CODEC: "Researchers at Durham Universityhave found that although three quarters of the population own atleast one Bible, only one fifth of people commit to reading it weekby week. BigBible offers a great opportunity to dust off yourbible, share with your friends and neighbours and learn more aboutwhat God wants for your life."