Bookings open for 3Generate youth event

Bookings open for 3Generate youth event

Promising to be the biggest 3Generate yet, bookings have nowopened for this year's children and youth assembly of the MethodistChurch, taking place at a new, bigger, venue, with up to 1,000young people and leaders expected to attend.

Following massive growth and growing demand for places in recentyears, this year's event will run from 24-26 November at Pontins,Southport, for children and young people aged 8-23.

This inspiring and fun weekend for children and young peopleacross the Church encourages reflection, conversation and speakingout on the issues that are of concern to them and their faith.

The weekend is shaped and designed by local groups made up ofleaders, children and young people. There are age-appropriatesessions and activities with some sessions that will beintergenerational.  'The Well' stream for leaders will againoffer dedicated sessions.
Leaders will be responsible for their groups throughout the eventand will be in group accommodation.

In 2016, extra measures were introduced for young people withadditional needs who wanted to attend and fully participate,something which the organisers intend to continue and build on thisyear.

All age groups get the chance to take part in a huge variety ofactivities, different styles of worship, themed and issue-basedworkshops, exploring topics raised by the children and youngpeople.

The 19-23 age group is designed for young people who have leftschool. This group follow their own programme which will beintegrated with the overall programme for the event and thereforethere will enjoy times together as a group as well as times withothers. The group will be accommodated in its own dedicated set ofchalets. Those over the age of 18 who have already left school arewelcome to join this group.

During the weekend the young people also elect their own YouthPresident to serve for a year and represent them to the widerMethodist Church from 2018-2019.

Tim Annan, Youth President 2016-2017 who was elected at3Generate 2015, commented: "3Generate is a both fun and spiritualevent that empowers young people to talk and pray about the issuesthat matter to them. Young people are the Church now and, with theworld an increasingly complex place, the 3Generate weekend equipsyoung Methodist people to respond to issues from a Christianperspective.

"This year, for the first time, youth and children's leaders areinvited to accompany their groups. There will be a leaders'programme, as well as sessions together with the young people."

Those who wish to attend but whose church is not organising itsown group may be able to join another group from their Circuit orDistrict. Event organisers may be able to assist with this. Fulldetails are available on the website,www.methodist.org.uk/3generate

There is a requirement for one leader per six children agedunder 18 years of age.

Tickets for delegates are £110 including food, accommodation andactivities.