Breakout goes beyond in 2008

Thousands of young people will gather in July to go'beyond' with long-running event Breakout. Organised by MAYC,Breakout will run from 11-13 July at Cliff College in theDerbyshire Peak District.

Breakout is for all young people in year seven or above at school.In 2008 the weekend will be based on the theme of "going beyond."Mike Seaton, National Secretary for MAYC, says that this includes"going beyond what people have tried before, whether that is insport, art or worship. It means looking beyond our own lives toparts of our communities and society we usually ignore. It meansgoing beyond our expectations of what a weekend away can be."

As well as the usual sporting, worship and social activities,Breakout will also offer chances for people to make their voicesheard. The organisers are applying for a community radio license,so that groups will be able to take turns broadcasting to thesite.