Burma crisis appeal

As the death toll from the Burma cyclone continues torise, the Methodist Church and the Methodist Relief and DevelopmentFund (MRDF) have launched an emergency appeal for funds.

Michael King, World Church Team Leader, says; 'The cyclone hascreated a humanitarian emergency that is unprecedented in Burma'shistory. Hundreds of thousands of people are cut off from cleanwater and shelter, and prices for basic foodstuffs are escalating.We are asking people to offer whatever support they can, bothfinancially and through their prayers'.

The Church sent an immediate solidarity grant of £10,000 to theMethodist Church in Myanmar and has launched a joint appeal withMRDF. To donate via the World Church Office please visit www.justgiving.com/methodistburmacycloneor send a cheque, made payable to the Methodist Church Fund forWorld Mission, to:

Burma Appeal
Fund for World Mission
Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Rd
London NW1 5JR

To donate via MRDF, call the MRDF hotline on 020 7224 4814.

Funds received will be channelled through Church World Service,which is working in the most affected areas.

The Christian Conference of Asia has appealed 'to member churchesand councils, ecumenical partners and friends to remember thoseaffected people in your daily prayers, and extend assistance tohelp the people affected by this natural calamity.' The Revd MarGay Gyi, the General Secretary for Myanmar Council of Churches willbe meeting with the staff in-charge of the Emergency Relief Unitand sharing updated information with the churches.

People are also urged to keep those affected in their prayers. Aspecial prayer has been written for the crisis and can be foundonline at www.methodist.org.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=opentogod.content&cmid=2130.