Call for Day of Prayer for Foot and Mouth crisis

On Tuesday 6 March, Rev David Emison, Chairman of the MethodistChurch Cumbria District, has called for a day of prayer for farmersand those affected by the Foot and Mouth crisis. He suggests thateveryone should stop and pray every hour, on the hour, throughoutthe day. He offers the following prayer:

God our Father. We pray for all members of our farming communityand those whose lives are affected by the present outbreak of Footand Mouth Disease. We ask you to bless the efforts of those who areworking to prevent the spread of the disease so that it might becontained and quickly brought to an end.

We pray for those whose farms have been affected and whoselivestock has been destroyed. We ask you to bless and guard allthose who live in fear and those who are in despair. Loving God,look in mercy upon us and hear our prayer. We ask it in the name ofJesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

David Emison also recognises that farmers may not be able toleave their farms to attend church or receive visits. However, hesays that "our farmers can be contacted by telephone. This would bea way of sharing our concern with them and promising them ourprayers." He invited Christians everywhere of every denomination,to join in the prayers.

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