Changes to the Conference following the delay to the lifting of pandemic restrictions

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening that stage 4 of the lifting of restrictions in England have been delayed until 19 July, it has become necessary to make some changes to the Conference arrangements.

As previously announced, the Conference will be hybrid – meeting in person and online, but the updated risk assessment, taking into account Government guidance, means the number of people who can be accommodated in person has had to be reduced. We estimate with appropriate social distancing around 60 people will be allowed at the venue.

Representatives and District Chairs have been contacted to ask them to agree who might most appropriately be in the Conference hall and who might be willing to attend online.

The Conference Business Committee and the Secretariat will guide the President so that those who join the Conference online are not disadvantaged over those in the hall amongst those called to speak. 

We are working with the venue hosts to ensure that the Conference complies with the law and regulations in place in order to keep those who are physically present safe at all times.

For more detail see the Conference FAQs