Children to take over Methodist Church House

The Methodist Church is one of the first UK denominationsto sign up for the 11 MILLION Takeover Day. On Friday November 23,children and young people will take over at Methodist Church House,finding out about the different work that goes on to support thenational Church and offering their own thoughts and insights.

The 11MILLION Takeover Day is an initiative of the Children'sCommissioner for England that invites the 11 million children andyoung people in England to take control of businesses andorganisations. Individuals, groups and institutions are beingencouraged to demonstrate a commitment to listening and recognisingthe talents of children and young people across England by handingover the reins for one day.

Doug Swanney, Methodist Children's Work Development Officer, says;"The 11MILLION Takeover Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrateand recognise the importance of children and young people in oursociety and the role they have to play. We can show children thatthey really can make a difference - we need to empower them andshow them that their opinions, skills and ideas really do count.We're looking forward to the takeover here at Methodist ChurchHouse - it will be great to hear how the children would like to seethings done here and to see what they can teach us."

Local churches are also being encouraged to get involved, withresources available at www.11million.org.ukincluding child protection and safety guidelines from the NSPCC.Safeguarding advice is also available from the Methodist Church andchurches can share their ideas for the day on the MethodistChildrenwebsite: www.methodistchildren.org.uk.

Jonathan Kerry, Coordinating Secretary for Worship and Learning,says; "Takeover Day gives churches a chance to do somethingdifferent, whether it involves a community event on the Fridaynight or a special Sunday service to celebrate children'scontributions. They could invite children to get involved in allthe different tasks that go into making the church run properly -everything from writing the weekly newsletter to greeting people asthey come though the door."