Christianity meets culture online

Does Christianity clash with culture or complement it? Can faithcontribute to politics? Should biblical values influence how werespond to contemporary issues? www.theinterface.org.ukprovides a new forum for people to consider how Christian faithaffects their understanding of today's issues.

The site is an initiative of the Methodist Interface Group, whichexplores contemporary issues from a faith-based perspective. Itaims to provide a friendly space for people to discuss hot newstopics and the implications for Christian faith.

Everyone, whether Methodist or not, is invited to participate inthe discussions that will be stimulated by the articles. Users canbrowse articles on a wide range of topics, commenting on what theyhave read and seeing what other people have to say. They cansuggest topics that they would like to see covered and even submittheir own articles to be posted on the site.

There will also be a regular opinion poll on a selected topic; thismonth's asks 'Should the Church be making more effort to engagewith contemporary culture?' Links to websites such as the HumanGenetics Commission and the Christian Ecology Link help visitors toexplore the issues in greater depth.

Jonathan Kerry, Co-ordinating Secretary for Worship and Learning,says: 'We're hoping the website will provide a forum for livelydebate about the issues that matter in an atmosphere of opennessand respect. It's a great opportunity for users to hear otherpeople's views and be heard themselves on a wide range of topics.The more we listen to what others have to say and engage with themin conversation, the better able we are to base our own views on asolid foundation of understanding.'