Christians must not shy away from dealing with death, says Methodist President

* Booklet to be launched at the Christian Resources Exhibition,10-13 May

Christians must not shy away from dealing with death, saysMethodist President The Revd Alison Tomlin, President of theMethodist Conference has said that a faith that shies away from theissue of death is "neither real nor relevant".

Speaking as the Church launches its new booklet A Gift ofRemembrance, Alison said: "Everyone is affected by death at somepoint in their lives and a faith that shies away from these issueswould be neither real nor relevant. Because it can be emotionallydifficult and painful it's easy to want to put the issue to oneside, to try not to think about it or deal with it. But asChristians we believe in a God of hope, a God who is with us evenin the valley of the shadow of death."

A Gift of Remembrance is a new booklet offering reflections ondeath, dying, mourning and loss. It includes Bible passages,prayers and reflections from a variety of authors, including JohnDonne, Anne Bronte and Major Malcolm Boyd, who was killed in actionin France in 1944. The booklet is being launched next week at theChristian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park in Surrey.

A Gift of Remembrance is ideal for pastoral care and chaplaincy andpeople are encouraged to share it with friends and family who aremourning. "This booklet is not just for Remembrance Sunday - it'ssomething I know I can give to people who are grieving, as wereflect on the experience together," added Alison.

The booklet is also ideal for small-group and personal reflection.It's the latest in the highly successful A Gift of... series,including A Gift of Peace, which has already sold nearly 15,000copies. It can be purchased from www.methodistpublishing.org.uk atthe price of £5 for 50 copies (plus postage and packing).