Church celebrates 100 day countdown to the Olympics

The Methodist Church is encouraging people to take part in theOlympic and Paralympic celebrations as the 100 day countdown to thestart of the Games begins today.

Preparations for the 2012 Olympics are well under way. A Methodistchurch in Cornwall is coordinating a nationwide Praise Bus whichwill travel ahead of the official Olympic procession. Musicianswill perform from the top of a half-open double-decker bus as itembarks on a 70 day journey from Lands End to the Olympic Stadiumon 19 May. Christine Bonfield from Escalls Methodist Chapel inCornwall said: "This is a wonderful opportunity for people to singtheir faith. We still need musicians from across the country to getinvolved. People can find out more from our website."

Ish Lennox, Olympic and Paralympic Coordinator for the MethodistChurch, said: "Today is a really exciting day. The 2012 Gamescoming to our nation is a great opportunity for the Church to movebeyond its walls and engage with the local community. Every churchcan do something, the Methodist Church is working with More ThanGold to make sure that churches are resourced and equipped for thishistorical moment."

The Methodist Church has produced a resource to reach out topeople aged 65 or older by offering them the chance to enjoy aholiday experience within their own local community. The resourcebooklet, priced at £10 (plus postage and packaging), contains theideas and inspiration for hosting such an event and can be orderedfrom Methodist Publishing by calling 01733 235962 or www.methodistpublishing.org.uk.

There is also the opportunity for people to host an athlete'sfamily by providing hospitality for eight days or more for up totwo guests. More Than Gold's website contains information about howto apply to be a host. Find out more here.