Church elects new President and Vice-President designate

The Revd Ruth Gee has been elected President Designate ofthe Methodist Conference for 2013-2014 and Dr Daleep Mukarji hasbeen elected Vice-President Designate. The results of the electionswere announced today at the annual Methodist Conference, meetingthis week in Plymouth.

Revd Ruth Gee is the Chair of the Darlington MethodistDistrict, and represents the Church on Churches Together inEngland, the Free Churches Group and the Joint ImplementationCommission, which supports the Anglican Methodist Covenant. She ispassionate about sharing the Gospel and enabling people to grow intheir discipleship. She lives in Darlington, with her husbandRobert, who is a Methodist minister. Ruth has two grown-upchildren: Andrew and Rachel.

"It's an enormous privilege and very humbling to beelected", Ruth said. "I am looking forward very much to servingalongside Daleep. I believe that there is a need for us asChristian disciples to raise our eyes beyond ourselves to seeglimpses of God's glory. We are called to walk so closely withChrist that we can instinctively recognise him at work in the worldand be challenged and inspired by that."

Dr Daleep Mukarji OBE was born and raised in India, wherehe trained as a medical doctor. He recently retired as director ofChristian Aid. Daleep lives in North Finchley, London, with hiswife Azra, where they attend Muswell Hill Methodist Church. Theyhave three grown-up children. He is passionate about internationaldevelopment, ecumenism and the Gospel.

"I am overwhelmed and very humbled to have been electedVice-President of the Methodist Conference," said Daleep. "Itis a huge privilege and a great challenge and opportunity, and onehas to prepare spiritually and personally to make the most of it. Iam passionately committed to the Methodist Church and am veryexcited about this possibility. I believe the Church has so muchpotential to reach out to people here and overseas; it needs to bespiritually alive and socially relevant - that is the part of theChurch that I want to be associated with."

Ruth and Daleep will be inducted as the first item of business atthe 2013 Methodist Conference, which will take place at MethodistCentral Hall in Westminster, London, 4-11July.

Photos available are available to download here: Ruth and Daleep.