Church establishes independent Education Commission

The Methodist Church is establishing an independent educationcommission, responsible for reviewing Methodism's approach toeducation in Britain.

The Commission will be responsible for identifying a set ofprinciples and a theological rationale, which underpins Methodism'sengagement with education. It will include all forms of formaleducation, including the Church's responsibility for 64state-maintained Methodist day schools and 14 independent schoolsacross England and Wales, as well as its involvement in furthereducation and higher education. It will also consider the Methodistapproach to and involvement with informal education, includinglinks to the Church's work with children and youth, and all formsof chaplaincy in education.

Revd Dr John Barrett has been appointed as Chair of the Commission."Education is central to the development of both children andadults, and Methodism has always been passionate about accessible,high quality education provision," he said. "It is important toreview our approach to education and assess whether our commitmentof our resources is appropriate for the responsibilities we haveand to determine what our priorities should be for thefuture."

John is a Methodist minister, and has extensive experience ineducation, having taught in a Methodist college, a theologicalcollege and having worked in schools in the UK. He recently steppeddown after five years as the first Principal of the Anglo-ChineseInternational School in Singapore. Additionally, John is also Chairof the World Methodist Council Executive Committee, and was thefirst chairperson of the World Methodist Council's EducationCommittee.

John would like to hear from anyone who would like to be consideredfor membership of the Commission or who feels they have acontribution to make to its work. Those interested are invited toregister their interest by contacting the Methodist Church throughthe Projects, Research and Development Cluster by email:projects@methodistchurch.org.uk

The Commission will report to the Methodist Conference in2012.