Church leaders issue joint invitation to prayer in aftermath of American attacks

Senior Church leaders across the nation have today issued ajoint invitation to people in all walks of life to join a specialtime of prayer later this week for peace, justice andreconciliation in the aftermath of the atrocities in the UnitedStates.

Three weeks to the day after the attacks in New York andWashington, church leaders, including all the main denominations inEngland, gathered with the Archbishop of Canterbury at LambethPalace this morning, to issue "an open invitation to prayer" onFriday 5 October.

Announcing the joint initiative, the Archbishop of Canterbury,Dr George Carey said: "We have all felt grief and anger, fear anduncertainty. A great many people, perhaps unprecedented numbers,feel unsure what the future now holds and where to seek guidanceand support in charting a path towards it."

The Church leaders highlighted the need for "compassion; hopefor the future, and renewed commitment to serving the purposes ofGod's Kingdom." They also spoke of an opportunity to pray forpeace, justice and reconciliation between peoples and faiths.

The leaders, including the President of the MethodistConference, Rev Christina Le Moignan, stressed that they were notcalling for big set-piece events but for smaller initiatives,designed to meet local needs and circumstances.

In order to facilitate this flexible and innovative approach, aspecial website has been set up, featuring material that people maywish to use, and offering guidance on praying. The website addressis: www.invitationtoprayer.org.uk