Church of North India
First Woman Bishop

Church of North India: First Female Bishop

10 June 2024

The Church of North India (CNI), a partner church of the Methodist Church in Britain, has celebrated an historic milestone by welcoming its first female bishop, the Right Reverend Violet Nayak, who will serve the Diocese of Phulbani.

The consecration ceremony, officiated by the Most Reverend B. K. Nayak, the Moderator of the CNI, took place on May 21 at the Cathedral Church of Redemption in New Delhi.

Bishop Violet at her consecration

Bishop Nayak was ordained as a presbyter in the Diocese of Phulbani on September 22, 2001. The Diocese of Phulbani, is located in the State of Odisha, an area that witnessed significant communal violence against Christians between 2008 and 2010. Bishop Nayak holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the Senate of Serampore College (University). She brings 22 years of experience in ordained ministry within the Church of North India.

Andy Dye, Interim Director of Global Relationships for the Methodist Church in Britain, commented, “We Congratulate Bishop Nayak on her new position. Her election demonstrates a significant step for the Church of North India as it continues its work for greater inclusivity and representation within Church leadership.”