Churches dismiss BNP's election posters

Three British Churches have reminded people of the trueChristian message of love for all people following the inclusion ofJesus in a BNP election campaign.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Methodist Church and TheUnited Reformed Church support inclusive policies and promotediversity.

Christine Elliott, Secretary for External Relationships for TheMethodist Church, said: "When Jesus was asked about what was themost important rule of life he said, 'Love God with all of yourbeing and love your neighbour as yourself.' It's ironic that theBNP is using the world's most famous Jew to promote its racistmessage. Our traditions have a history of promoting racial justiceand inclusion and rejecting messages of hate and fear.

"It is always important that people go out and vote, especially inthese extremely difficult economic times. Sadly, in the past,economic problems have been exploited by extremists asopportunities to scapegoat minorities."

The three churches will be launching an election pack at the end ofApril, which will call on local church leaders to engage positivelywith politicians and reject racist political activity.