Churches issue call to ‘Think, Pray and Vote’ ahead of EU elections

think-pray-voteThe Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) has published a resource to encourage church members to engage with the coming European elections. The Joint Public Issues Team represents the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, working together for peace and justice.

The JPIT resource includes a prayer to be used in the run-up to the election and other prayer suggestions as well as information to help Christians consider the importance of voting and the issues being discussed.

The European Elections are due to take place in the UK on 23 May 2019.

Rachel Lampard, JPIT team leader, commented: “As elections go, this European election is unique. It could be that those elected may not take their seats, never mind serve a full term. Many may question the point of voting, however as Christians, we are called to show up and make our voices heard even when it is difficult.”

Churches and groups are also being encouraged to make use of the JPIT “Conversation Welcome” resource, available on its website, to enable informed, respectful discussions about the big issues currently dividing our country.

You can find ‘Think, Pray, Vote: The European Elections 2019’ here.

You can find JPIT’s ‘Conversation Welcome’ resource here.